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Who Is Ben Badeen?

Ben Badeen is a former NCAA Division 2 Collegiate Basketball player from Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA, despite standing only 5'2 tall! He overcame many challenges throughout his career by focusing on the individual details of the game and different ways to improve. Improvement became addicting for Ben and he fell in love with training his game and constantly finding ways to get better. This is where he found he had an even greater passion for learning, teaching, and coaching the game.

Ben's coaching experience includes head coaching positions at the middle school and high school level, Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Camp, and a multitude of amateur athletic teams! He has coached, trained, and conducted clinics Nationwide in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Washington DC, Georgia, Texas, and California! To date, Ben has coached or trained over 2000 players!

Ben has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Holy Family University and was selected to the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference All-Academic Team. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Sports Performance and Group Personal Training. He is a continuous learner who strives to increase his knowledge base in order to give players the most up to date training platform to enable as much improvement as possible. 

His passion for the game goes unmatched! His mission is to pass his passion on to his players in hopes that it will inspire them to find their passion, share their passion with others, and create a cycle of empowering those around us. He cares deeply for each individual player he builds a coaching relationship with and works tirelessly to instill principles of intensity, consistency, persistence, faith, and love in order to help them achieve all their goals in the game and more importantly life! 

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