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Summer Elite Camp 2024!

Coach Ben Badeen

 Ben Badeen  Basketball

Inspiration Through Passion
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Alfred Johnson, Northern Vermont University Head Coach

If you have a young player, boy or girl, Ben Badeen is the ideal basketball trainer to help your youngster perfect their skills and fundamentals in their efforts to not only make the team, but be an integral part of that team. Ben played for me at Holy Family University and the same fire he played with, he brings in his ability to communicate with trainees the real ways to become good.


Rob, Trainee Parent

Coach Ben has coached and trained my sons for 2 years. He always pushes them to maximize their capabilities and always achieves results. Coach Ben infuses passion and energy that inspire the boys both on and off the court.


Zach, Current Trainee

Instead of most trainers teaching their players moves to score and score only, Coach Ben teaches about the entire game of basketball. How to get full effectiveness on your moves and does drills that help you with your basketball IQ. He helps you work hard and smart.



Ben Badeen Basketball believes in using passion to inspire and through that inspiration empowering all of those around us! Ben always gives 110 percent of his passion and energy to the players whenever they step on the court with him. His practice environment radiates intensity and pushes players out of their comfort zone creating an atmosphere that is much more challenging than the game.

As a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in sports performance, his system is based on sound exercise science principles. He teaches players to increase their flexibility, strength, speed, explosiveness, coordination, and neuromuscular efficiency to correlate into game efficient movement. 

He brings a combination of skill situational and game situational training to his approach, believing a player cannot have one without the other. He emphasizes a player needs to possess a strong individual skill set to perform in the game, but a player must also have the ability to process game decisions and situations to put that skill set to its highest use.

Ben Badeen Basketball teaches players "How to play, not plays." Players will walk away from his system with a proper understanding of floor spacing, sharing the game - ball movement - making the extra pass, movement without the ball, setting/reading screens, read and react offensive principles, man to man defensive concepts, and an advanced level of individual skill every player needs to perform best in the game. And most importantly, players will learn how to work hard, become leaders in the gym and life, and make everyone else around them better!


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Years of combined training and coaching experience

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New Jersey


Average Trainings a Week Commitment


% Focus And Effort Commitment

  • Players actively participating in a training program have better game success and a higher game IQ for the next level

  • Training programs instill a discipline that help build a successful future throughout a player's life 

  • The health benefits of a training program far outweigh playing recreational basketball

  • While difficult, our training program teaches players how to work hard and get comfortable being uncomfortable

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